Thermi is one of the newer treatments offered.  It uses radio frequency (RF) energy and heat to tighten skin. There are two types of Thermi procedures: ThermiTight and ThermiSmooth.  Both use RF and heat but the delivery method is different for each.

ThermiTight-finalThermiTight delivers thermal heat under the skin using small needles.  It can be used on loose skin in the face,neck, tummy and thighs and elsewhere. During the procedure, RF energy is applied directly to the loose skin tissue.  The procedure causes immediate shrinkage which smoothes the area.  It also stimulates new collagen production which continues to improve the skin’s appearance over several months.  It is not surgery and is minimally invasive. It requires only one treatment and the results last for several years.

ThermiTight_BK before-and-after_2 ThermiTight-KH-before-and-after_2

ThermiSmooth-finalThermiSmooth uses the same technology and gets the same results as ThermiTight.  However, a totally non-invasive probe delivers the RF energy. ThermiSmooth mainly targets lax skin on the face. It is very gentle.  Most patients who’ve had the procedure say it feels like a warm massage.