Jeff’s Story

I have been married to Kristi for 13 years and as I approached 50, I convinced myself those lines and wrinkles that were becoming more prominent each year were nothing more than the normal aging process which gave me “a distinguished look.” 

My wife believes in taking an active role to slow the signs of aging.  A year or so ago, just prior to Kristi’s next scheduled appointment with Dr McGovern, she politely suggested that I could benefit by joining her for a treatment.  She pointed out that it was no different than the effort I put into exercising and eating right. After a bit of convincing, including looking at a picture of us taken early in our relationship, I reluctantly agreed to have Dysport. 

To my surprise, I noticed an obvious improvement after the treatment.  My deep creases and wrinkles seemed to be magically softening and fading away.  Now we do this as a couple and the best thing about it for me is seeing the same look in Kristi’s eyes that she had for me when we first met.  I wish I had begun treatments sooner.