In 2002 Dr. Meghan McGovern introduced to this region a remarkably different and improved approach to traditional plastic surgery. Her philosophy starts with the premise that each patient comes from a ‘different place’ and with a unique set of very personal goals. Dr. McGovern then takes time to understand precisely what the patient wants to achieve and why. Next, she and the patient map out a plan and develop a personalized strategy. Only then will she employ the appropriate course of action to achieve the best possible results, often with options that do not require surgery or downtime. 

Her patients come from as far as New England and Texas, and range from mothers who want to return to the youthful figure lost following pregnancy, to high-powered executives (men, too) who need to look their best in an ever younger workplace. She deals with cancer and accident patients seeking reconstructive services. Many are referrals from satisfied patients who are quick to share that Dr. McGovern maintains the highest standards, provides uncommon levels of personalized care, and achieves outcomes that exceed their expectations. 

Dr. McGovern is a wife, mother, and dedicated professional who is passionate about her practice. She even took her own advice; ‘you don’t need to live with body changes you don’t like.’ With her husband’s support and her trusted colleagues’ skills, she had a “Mommy Makeover”, as well as non-invasive procedures that restored her face to a youthful profile. 

Whatever your goal – looking to enhance your appearance by non-surgical means, rejuvenate skin damage caused by the sun, or improve one’s body with cosmetic surgery – Dr. McGovern will personalize your plan, and help you achieve your unique personal goals to achieve a Fab New You!